You are warmly welcomed to join us at  our monthly reading group.  On October 5th, 4-5pm (UK time) we'll discuss this paper: 

Austen, L., & Malone, C. (2018). What students want in written feedback: praise, clarity and precise individual commentary. Practitioner Research in Higher Education, 11(1), 47-58.  

We will discuss the relationship between feedback and engagement.

Colleagues who have the time could also have a look at O’Donovan, B. M., den Outer, B., Price, M., & Lloyd, A. (2021, 2021/02/01). What makes good feedback good? Studies in Higher Education, 46(2), 318-329.

This would let us consider whether there is any mismatch between theory and expectation in this area.

We look forward to seeing you at the session. Please register so we can send you all the online room details.

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